Thursday, February 24, 2005

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Jack awoke with a voyeur upskirt smile on his face for the first time in years. He remembered watching the woman in the gym and jacking off in the spa. He managed to get through his training that day, despite still being horny from the night before. When 500 finally came, he excused himself from dinner with the trainees and rushed back to the downtown hotel in the restored historical building. He didnt stop for food or drink, but raced up to his free pissing asian pics to change into his swim trunks. The show last night was too good to miss again. Hed be a prune for sure, but it was worth it.

He sat alone in the whirlpool for about 15 minutes before a group of twenty-somethings joined him. There were four of them, two boys, two girls, bubbling about college and dates and being off piss anal the latest band, something called Fountains of video pee live whatever that was. Jack just smiled at them. He wasnt quite old enough to be their father, but he definitely wasnt of their group anymore either. Still, he could enjoy the view. The two girls were stunning both in skimpy bikinis with nice tits, and even the piss picmembersfreegaypictures were built. Jack never felt an attraction to men, but he had to admit that these boys were good looking.

They stayed for about 15 minutes, the girls flirted harmlessly with Jack, and left to go back to their rooms. Jack pictured the two boys fucking the girls riotously back in the hotel room and wished he could be pee post When they left he kept an eye on the gym, but she didnt come to work out.

Not 10 minutes later she came out into the pissing nudes spa deck wearing a very attractive two-piece bathing suit. Jack recognized her immediately from last night and smiled. Come on in, the waters great! Jack called to her. She dropped her towel on a chair and eased herself into the hot water. Thanks, she called out to him over the noise pee squeeze dick the whirlpool.

They sat quietly for about 5 minutes before Jack said, Are you here on business?

Yes, I am, she replied.

Me too. Im from up north. This weather is great.

Yes, its a peeping upskirt pix galleries to have it so warm this early.

Do you travel a lot?

About 5 weeks a asian pee year, not so bad I guess.

I travel too much, Jack grumbled. About 20 weeks a year. Im a trainer for a software company, and Im the first choice for most of the customers. Its a pain in the ass for sure, but the money is good, and I get to save most of it.

Oh, youre single? the woman hardcore boobs kinky pissing photos asked as her ears perked up. nude girls pissing piss
Divorced, about 3 years ago now. It was the road that killed it.

Im sorry. I big tits peeping been married.

Its OK, Ive gotten past it. Why havent you married?

The woman laughed. I thought I traveled too much to hidden japanese pee photos married!

Jack laughed as well. Im Jack, whats your name?

Marnie. Nice to meet you Jack.

And you. Have you been to the gym here? Jack asked, knowing damn well that just last night he watched her workout. His cock was still tender from watching.

Yes, just last night after I checked in. Its a nice facility.

I thought so to. I worked out then sat here in the spa.

Im glad this is mature naked women pissing and peeing newer hotel. The facilities are still in good shape, and this whirlpool is still strong! Marnie remarked. find women pissing on men
Yes, I was nervous when I booked it, but Im very happy I came here. This is a piss pee girls whirlpool. The jets feel really good against my..legs. Jack almost said cock but had to hold himself back. Marnie noticed the hesitation and Jack thought he saw the faint traces of a smirk on her mouth.

Legs, thighs, my back, even my feet tingle in the spray. Marnie looked at Jack and grinned obviously this time.

Oh really, well, I love the way the water plays around my chest and arms. Jack teased back.

Marnie shifted on the spa bench. Well, Im enjoying the bubbles right now, she whispered.

Jack smiled broadly and decided to take a chance. You know, it feels much better without the suit in the way.

Marnie glanced suspiciously at Jack. I bet it does, but were outside, surrounded by all these rooms. She nodded her head at the lights on in several of the rooms above them.

But with the whirlpool on, you cant see anything under the water. Look at my hands, can you see where they are?

She shook her head and grinned wickedly. She dropped her hands under the water and started me pee my wiggle. Jack saw a woman pee naked come out of and go back under the water followed by the other a few moments gay cock male piss cum squirt oooo , she said.

Nice? asked Jack.

Oh yes! replied Marnie. But its not fair you still have yours on. asian pee
How do I know yours is off? I cant see anything under there.

Marnie glanced around the pool area nervously. She looked up at the rooms and checked for peeing out blood curtains or people staring down. Satisfied no one was looking, she reached under the water and pulled out her suit bottom and waved it at Jack.

The site of her little bikini in the air and the knowledge that she was bottomless in the tub with him made Jacks cock jump right to attention. The strain against his suit was strong and he would welcome the relief. He also glanced girls pissing their pants in school the pool and lifted his ass off the bench and slid his suit down to pics of girls peeing ankles. He kicked his feet out of the legs and let it float up to the surface of the water. He reached for his cock and gave it a few quick strokes before coming back to reality.

There, he pointed as his suit bobbed on the water like a discarded rag.

Marnie smiled and in her best Jennifer Garner voice said, Now what, Jack?

Thats all the invitation he needed. He moved over to sit next to her and placed his hand on her thighs. She pissing mpeg bolder and reached under the water to find his bobbing cock. Jack swallowed hard as her hand started to tease stories of women peeing without grabbing it. He took the cue and let his hand move up and inside her thigh, brushing his fingers against her trimmed pubic bush.

She leaned closer to him and closed her eyes. Jack kissed her and held his lips on hers while his fingers explored her lower lips. She let her hand move over and around his cock. Her fingers reached lower to fondle his balls gently asian pee while the strong bubbles in the tub made both their feelings more intense.

They kissed more passionately, women drinking pee their tongues find each other like long lost friends. Their hands became bolder as she wrapped hers around his hard cock, and he cupped his over her pussy. She started to stroke him, he let a finger part her outer lips to play with her moist interior.

He pushed his hand down further, readying a finger to penetrate her folds when the jets suddenly stopped! The timer reached 0 and the tub was beginning to clear up. They broke their kiss, and Jack grabbed the towel sitting on the edge of the tub. He wrapped it around himself inside the tub, and stood up, the wet towel dripping. He got out, cursed the timer and moved it back to 15. He looked back at Marnie and shrugged. Her face changed from panic to smile as quick as Jack turned the dial.

When Jack got asian pee in he had another treat in store for him. Marnie had taken off her top as well and now was completely naked. She brought his other hand to her breast and helped him squeeze it. The nipple was hard pissing pleasure the strong jets pounding it and Jacks cock hardened just as fast.

He put his hand back on her pussy and wasted no time pushing a finger deep inside her. She moaned into his lips, enjoying the pulsing water against her naked body and his finger penetrating her slippery cunt. He felt her body twitch and pulse with the jets and gave her nipple a firm squeeze. Her eyes bulged open at the sudden tweak and she kissed Jack harder, giving his cock a squeeze in return.

Jack went to work on Marnies pussy. Even in the hot tub she was flowing and his finger slid easily into her. He added a second and started fucking her quickly. He pushed her body to the left, right where one of the floor jets was shooting a strong pulse between her legs.

Marnie broke the kiss and tossed her head back, eyes closed. She was lost in the sensations cartoons pee pics the water pounding and the fingers pumping in and out of her. She was barely holding on to Jacks cock, which drove Jack wild. He took his hand off her tits and placed it on her pussy, searching for her clit. He parted her upper lips and found the hard spot and let his fingers dance over it, never stopping the rhythm of his other hand, buried deep inside her pussy. He felt her body tremble when he touched her clit, and saw her face grimace when he pushed against it.

Her free hand silently went to her nipple and she started pulling it, clearly out of the water now for whoever wanted to see. But she didnt pornograpgy and piss at the moment. She was on the edge, ready to cum at the hands of this man she met 15 minutes ago. A man who convinced her to get naked in the tub. A man with his fingers fucking girl pee deep inside her pussy. A man with a beautiful hard cock just waiting for me. A man rubbing fast circles on her clit and .. and and.. and..

OHHHHHHHH! Marnie yelled as her body felt wave after wave of her orgasm. She lifted her ass off the bench and squeezed his fingers with burning when urinating pussy. She felt her cunt quiver in the water as he let his thong pissing girls rest inside her and tried to catch her breath. She slowly eased down on the bench and let her body sag under the water. The arm from her tit dropped under the water with a splash and her other hand started slowly up and down Jacks still hard cock.

Jack slowly pulled his fingers out of her pussy and gave her clit a final rub before leaning in to kiss her. She giggled like a teenager when he pulled out and kissed him back, still feeling the water pulse against her. That was intense! she whispered emphatically. Your turn now.

Marnie broke the kiss and pushed Jack back against the edge of the tub. He let his legs out straight and spread them for her. She still had his cock in her hand while euclid pee wee a him into position and started stroking it in earnest. Her other hand slipped between his legs and played with his balls. She slipped her hand further and raised his ass off the bench, fingering along his crack. She nudged him about a foot to the right where another jet was shooting water out of the side. Marnie pee galleries clothed lifted him a little more and felt peeping web jet on her hand near his ass.

Marnie spread his ass cheeks to high heels pissing the water pulse against Jacks back hole. She teased it with her finger and started to photo galleries pissing couples with his cock. She rubbed the head, slid down the shaft and gently squeezed his balls.

Jack was porn pee sites on Mars by now. His eyes were closed and his body, pictures of women eating shit and drinking piss for his groin, was totally limp. His cock was as hard as the handle of the pee boys machine he watched Marnie gripping last night.

But tonight her soft porno and piss was gripped asian pee around embarrassing pee cock and stroking it faster and faster. She leaned forward and licked his nipple as it poked out of the water. With each of her strokes, Jack lifted his pelvis higher. His cock peeked out of the water there was no question now of what was going on in the tub if anyone was watching from above but he didnt care.

Im close why you can't dooky without pissing managed to say while his toes curled under the water. I know, she mumbled back. I can feel your cock oozing and twitching in my hand. She rubbed his cock head with her thumb, spreading his flowing pre-cum. She slipped her other hand under his ass and started flicking a finger across his anus. Jack opened his see naked women pissing xxxxxx room wide at the sensation and tried to hold back a few seconds more.

When she pushed her finger into his ass, he let out a long slow moan and felt his balls contract, pushing him to his free pics of pissing teens´┐Ż release. Marnie noticed and bent her face down over his cock, waiting for the explosion. The first stream landed squarely in her mouth as Jack muffled a scream and grabbed the side of the tub. The second stream missed her mouth and coated her face with his sticky cum. He aimed better the next three times and watched this beautiful woman swallow his cum without touching her lips to his cock. Finally he felt his orgasm subside and he lowered his spent body back under the water.

He shook his head to revive pee porn free turned to see Marnie smiling, the cum still on her face. She smiled teen girl peeing and quickly dove under the hot water to rinse herself off and came back to sit next to Jack.

So. She plainly said.

So. Jack answered.

And? she asked.
jessica simpson pees her pants you doing anything tomorrow night?

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